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Welcome to Quick Links Week 2!

Weekly Highlights from Link Generations

Please join us for the second edition of our Quick Links column, a brief snapshot of the growing connections between older and younger generations. We hope this helps you finish your week with a quick highlight that will make you smile into your weekend.

This week we highlight two senior pen pals, Jane a senior in high school and Ann a senior adult who began writing letters last spring.

Ann told us, “The connection to my high school senior has truly been a lifesaver! Jane began writing to me shortly after Covid shut my door to the world. Little did I know how important that two-way communication would become to me. As Covid dragged on, I became increasingly discouraged. But Jane’s notes describing her senior year inspired me. No prom…no graduation…no reason to even finish her course work. I found myself looking for ways to help lighten her mood and maybe even laugh. And I had to laugh with her!”

We learned that Jane was considering quitting school before finishing up to graduate. Ann urged her to finish, and Jane managed to complete her assignments and graduate. Ann was so proud, she sent Jane flowers to celebrate.

The exchange continues with mutual gratitude. Jane sent Ann a Valentine with her first semester college transcript. Ann expressed the importance of the exchange for both of them, feeling that “together, we figured out how to adapt.”