Connecting Youth and Older Adults

Our Mission To educate middle and high school students about aging and facilitate intergenerational programs that connect youth and older adults in dynamic activities that …


The Link Generations Storytelling Series through Zoom is a program where we host intergenerational sessions online and discuss various topics to connect youth and older adults.


Link Generations Postcard

Link Generations was recognized internationally in 2021 by UpSocial Canada, a nonprofit organization that began ten years ago in Barcelona, Spain, to address community social challenges. 

UpSocial Canada launched the Caring Community Challenge for Toronto’s Bathurst and Finch Neighborhoods, focusing on models that “bolster feelings of belonging and social inclusion.” They identified more than 90 programs worldwide as models that have fostered greater inclusion across cultures and generations. They narrowed down the 90 programs to 24 feasible models for the Toronto community to review and further narrowed their search to 14 case studies.

From those case studies, three innovative approaches were selected to pilot within the Bathurst and Finch Neighborhoods. Link Generations was selected to be one of those three programs.

This exciting collaboration led to a formal partnership between Link Generations and Circle of Care, part of Sinai Health in Toronto, Canada. Programs were piloted in 2021 and are ongoing. You can read more about the program here.

Link Generations program in Canada made local TV news in Toronto!

Click on this link to read the story. The video link to the segment is below.

Link Generations has been awarded two grants by the Maryland Department of Aging for 2024 as part of the State’s ongoing efforts to create a longevity-ready Maryland.

The FY24 Healthy Aging and Supportive Communities grants are being used to create supportive environments for aging Marylanders. Link Generations is one of ten organizations that has been awarded grants to promote resilience, social inclusion, independence, and overall community well-being for older adults in Maryland.

The grants are part of the Maryland Department of Aging’s ongoing efforts to create a longevity-ready Maryland by building stronger and more connected communities, reducing social isolation and enhancing the quality of life for older adults. According to Department of Aging Secretary Carmel Roques, “These grants will play a crucial role in advancing the state’s commitment to ensuring a healthy and vibrant life for Maryland’s residents, aligning with the broader vision set forth by Governor Wes Moore and the Department of Aging to prepare for longer, healthier lifespans and a growing older population.”

Link Generations is using grant funds to expand programming into Howard County by piloting a program at Arbor Terrace Fulton with student volunteers from nearby Reservoir High School. The grant is also supporting a needs assessment to determine where to expand future intergenerational programming in other parts of the state.

The FY24 Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementia grant is to expand opportunities for social engagement for those experiencing Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias (ADRD) and their caregivers. Link Generations is piloting the Link Generations Dementia Care Training program on Zoom. This program is based on the in-person model developed last year supported by a grant from the Wolpoff Family Foundation.


Stories that Link Generations spotlights the amazing ways that we are connecting youth and older adults in the community. Click here to read about the lessons learned from Link Generations conversations.

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