Link Generations in the time of COVID

The Link Generations Storytelling Series through Zoom is a program where we host intergenerational sessions online and discuss various topics to connect youth and older adults. 

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The Teens Teach Technology program is weekly “office hours” through Zoom where teens answer technology questions for older adults about their smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Summer Storytelling Series

Link Generations operates its 6-week Summer Storytelling Series at Ingleside at King Farm. Program meets two afternoons each week. Middle and high school student volunteers meet one afternoon for education about aging and planning that week’s intergenerational activity. Students are trained in basic principles of adult development and aging and practical techniques for working with older adults who have cognitive and physical limitations. Students design activities around themes that target cognitive stimulation, social interaction, and physical movement. Residents join the second afternoon each week for an interactive program.

Link Generations clubs

Monthly Intergenerational Program

Link Generations partners with the Charles E. Smith Life Communities for a monthly intergenerational program that meets during the school year. The program includes a student training session one evening and the intergenerational program the following Sunday. Students learn basic principles of gerontology, sensitivity training about working with older adults, and skills for leading monthly intergenerational programs. Examples of activities are music, life story telling, art, and dance. Students draw on their own interests in these areas to help them feel comfortable working with elderly individuals.

Weekly Intergenerational Program

Link Generations runs a weekly intergenerational group meeting at the Charles E. Smith Life Communities Ring House. Middle and high school students join residents Wednesdays after school for interactive discussions and hands-on activities about various themes. Examples of topics are advising about careers, assisting with smart phones and laptops, playing board games, and decorating flower pots.

link generations monthly club

Community Service Days

Link Generations partners with Charity Connect to provide a day of intergenerational service with McLean School’s high school seniors and Ingleside at King Farm’s senior residents. Students meet at IKF for a full school day. The morning is spent learning about aging and best practices for working with older adults. Residents join in the afternoon when students apply what they have learned by leading interactive activities.

link generations weekly club

Mitzvah Projects

Middle school students preparing for their Bar and Bat Mitzvah milestones can volunteer with Link Generations in an intergenerational program that connects the student with older generations. Students select topics based on their own interests and design questions to facilitate conversations with older adults. They practice effectively communicating with older adults, enjoy engaging the adults in conversations and learning about their interesting lives.  


Link Generations Clubs

Montgomery County, MD high school students earn social service learning (SSL) credit required for graduation through Link Generations. Volunteers can increase their SSL hours and boost their leadership skills by starting a Link Generations Club at their school. Club activities include regular club meetings at school with education and training materials provided by Link Generations. Link Generations assists club leaders with partnering with local assisted living facilities. Club leadership enhances resumes and college applications!