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Connections | April 2020

Good Things Happen When We Link Generations

We are learning how to tolerate “social distancing,” but what we are really doing is physical distancing. This cannot keep us apart and in fact we are creating more opportunities for social connections. Here is what Link Generations is doing:

Whitney Card

Letter Writing and Creating Art for Residents at CESLC and IKF

More than 75 volunteers have registered to write letters and create art for isolated older adults in just the last two weeks. This shows our desire for connecting! We are sending letters and pictures of artwork electronically to staff at Charles E. Smith Life Communities and Ingleside at King Farm who are then disseminating these uplifting messages to residents.

Thank you to all of the writers and artists who are sharing their stories and experiences. Thank you to the staff at CESLC and IKF who are spending endless hours helping physically isolated residents socially connect with family and friends who are not able to come to see them during this time.

Aaron's Yoda Pic

Uplifting Quotes

Ironically, in this new world of ours where the words “social distancing,”

“stay-at-home,” and “quarantine” separate us from physical interaction, I have never felt more motivated to reach out to family, friends, and community members. That is why I am volunteering with Link Generations and writing to you. -10th grade student

During this pandemic, I have come to realize that time is a precious privilege, like a nostalgic piece of candy whose flavor lingers even after all of the sugar has dissolved. I am learning to appreciate this day more and more. -10th grade student

I would like you to know I have been thinking about how hard of a time this must be for you. I hope you are feeling well and I hope to visit you soon. This is a really stressful time and one of the things that makes me less stressed is origami. I have made some origami cranes that I am including with this letter for you to enjoy and I hope it helps reduce your stress. -8th grade student

I have volunteered with Link Generations for three years and thoroughly enjoyed the experience of interacting with residents such as yourself. I’m writing this letter to you today because I understand the isolation you’re facing right now must be unbearable, and I thought telling you a story about a fond memory of my favorite vacation might help reduce your stress. -11th grade student

Zoom Calls with Link Generations Middle and High School Volunteers

Students from different schools share their experiences of what they are doing at home. Many walk and take hikes, enjoy special moments with their families. One student shared pictures of tress and blossoms in her neighborhood to show the beauty of spring surrounding us.

Double cherry blossoms

Intergenerational Zoom Calls with Link Generations Board Members

Link Generations Board Members learned how to Zoom. The training session was straight from a cartoon of “See no evil” “Hear no evil” “Speak no evil.”

One board member had a detachable web cam that was pointing under her desk, so all we could see were scenes from under her desk. A second board member managed to get into the Zoom room, but could not work the audio, so we could not hear anything he said. The third board member could not access Zoom from her computer, so she couldn’t speak to us at all, but did manage to purchase a subscription to Zoom in the process. After much patience from everyone, a few FaceTime conversations on the side and repositioning of web cams, we are able to meet successfully with each other.

We used Zoom to welcome our newest Link Generations Board member, Christina Kilby, a sophomore at the University of Maryland who has been volunteering with Link Generations since 2017. Christina will be serving as the Youth Advisory Member to share her perspective as a student who has participated in Link Generations programs.

Zoom Board1

Wishing everyone a healthy holiday week filled with social connections from a safe distance!

Public Health Notice

Link Generations is staying up to date regarding public health news. The best way to protect yourself and others from any virus is to wash your hands and avoid touching your face (eyes, nose, and mouth). We will keep you updated with any programming changes and please, stay home if you are sick.

Contact with any questions.

THANK YOU to all of our generous supporters! We look forward to another productive year of meaningful connections.