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Connecting Generations with Interior Design

By Lillian Nichols, Link Generations volunteer and UCSD student

I began emailing Gloria as a learning experience with the new-age world of online messaging and Zoom. Gloria had reached out to Link Generations to connect with young people. After we had been introduced, we began chatting back and forth about ourselves and our interests and I soon learned so much about my new friend!

I mentioned to Gloria that I was going to paint my bedroom from white to yellow, and she told me that her own bedroom was painted a pale dark yellow shade called “Ochre”. She commented that certain shades of yellow are very pleasing to live in. I soon learned that Gloria had been a home decorator for many years, and she began to help inspire the design for my transitioning bedroom.

Van Gogh Sunflowers
Gloria suggested I look at some Van Gogh blossom prints in brilliant blues and yellows to decorate my walls, as I had shared with her my passion for nature and my interest in blue curtains. I was advised on how to brighten up areas of the room with bedding, throw pillows, bed skirts, vases, and area rugs. I promised her photos of my finished space after it all came together with her help.

I decided on some paintings of green trees to continue the natural color scheme, framed them, hung them up, and sent Gloria photos of the finished product! She complimented my work and instructed me to make lots of good memories in my new space. Our correspondence has been a bright spot in my days, and it turned out to be a learning experience for both of us. I am so glad I was able to connect with her!

Lilly design picture copy