2018 Summer Storytelling Series at Ingleside at King Farm

Link Generations Summer Storytelling Series at Ingleside at King Farm was featured on local TV news. The program grew from 30 participants in 2017 to over 45 in 2018. Participants of all ages enjoyed learning from each other about history and about today.

One student volunteer stated, “I realized there are a lot of similarities between us and the age gap isn’t as big as I thought. The Ingleside residents taught me about stories during World War II, language barriers, and technological discoveries. They connected to practically all of my school classes with their experiences.”

One of the older adult participants said, “The students learned that we were more active. That’s the difference between having fun times indoors compared to being outside. We played outside on the street. We didn’t have a TV keeping us inside. They were surprised to find out how active we were.”

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