September 2018


We Made the News!

Link Generations Summer Storytelling Series at Ingleside at King Farm was featured on local TV news. The program grew from 30 participants in 2017 to over 45 in 2018. Participants of all ages enjoyed learning from each other about history and about today.

One student volunteer stated, “I realized there are a lot of similarities between us and the age gap isn’t as big as I thought. The Ingleside residents taught me about stories during World War II, language barriers, and technological discoveries. They connected to practically all of my school classes with their experiences.”

One of the older adult participants said, “The students learned that we were more active. That’s the difference between having fun times indoors compared to being outside. We played outside on the street. We didn’t have a TV keeping us inside. They were surprised to find out how active we were.”



Club Connections: Looking for Club Leaders

Recruiting Link Generations Club leaders: start a club at your school to plan intergenerational activities for you and your friends. Earn SSL hours, practice communication skills, build your college resume, meet interesting people of all ages, and have fun!

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Intergenerational Planning Session Started Off Fall Series at Ring House

Student volunteers and Ring House residents met at Charles E. Smith Life Communities Sunday to talk about their shared interests and what they would like to learn from each other during upcoming monthly Link Generations sessions. The intergenerational group came up with creative ideas for a career day, technology training, and more music, to name a few.

Upcoming 2018-2019 Link Generations Dates at Ring House

Sunday Dates 1pm Thursday Planning Sessions 7pm
Oct. 14 Oct. 11
Nov. 4 Nov. 1
Dec. 16 Dec. 13
Jan. 13 Jan. 10
Feb. 10 Feb. 7
March 10 March 7
April 7 April 4
May 5 May 2

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Club Connections

Link Generations Club at Gaithersburg High School finished its first year with plans to resume club activities during the 2018-2019 school year. Picture below shows club members and teacher advisor modeling Link Generations baseball caps.

Recruiting Link Generations Club Leaders: Start a club at your school to plan inter-generational activities for you and your friends. Earn SSL hours, practice communication skills, build your college resume, meet interesting people of all ages, and have fun!

Contact for more information on how to start a club.


It Takes a Village

The Village network is expanding in our area. The first Village in the U.S. was started nearly 20 years ago in Boston to provide a neighborhood network for community residents to help each other with errands, shoveling snow, transportation to doctors appointments, and carrying groceries. The second U.S. Village is here in the DC area, the Capitol Hill Village (CHV), which is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. Link Generations has partnered with CHV to conduct intergenerational programs with high school students and CHV residents.

Back-to-School intergenerational trainings have been held this September. One on professionalism was held with Washington Leadership Academy students and CHV volunteers. CHV volunteers talked with students about resumes, interviewing, how to present oneself with confidence, and lifelong learning. Students impressed volunteers with their skills and work ethic as they prepare for internships. Participants said there is a lot to learn from people of all ages.

A second back-to-school training was held at Blyth-Templeton Academy with 20 new students. Blyth-Templeton Academy is located at the historic Hill Center on Capitol Hill. This was the site of the first naval hospital, commissioned for construction by President Abraham Lincoln in 1864. The hospital continued to treat wounded through the early 1900’s and was eventually replaced by the Bethesda Naval Hospital in 1942. The Hill Center has since been the site of social service organizations, including the headquarters for the effort that established the Martin Luther King, Jr. national holiday. This was a perfect setting to talk with students about connecting with older generations and learning about their history.


About Link Generations

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